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Botanical Gardens and Arboretums of Croatia

The magical Flora Collection

Arboretums and gardens are an oasis of vibrant colors, scents and valuable vegetation exhibits - which due to its uniqueness, as well as its medicinal properties and stunning looks. Available throughout year, this collection of abundance is the perfect choice for relaxation, enjoyment or an escape from the smog-choked cities.

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Fill your lungs with fresh and clean air!

Pearls of magnificent Lika

You want to surround yourself with greenery, gentle nature and picturesque landscapes? You do not need to look any further, Lika is waiting for you. One of the most beautiful parts of Croatia, at any time of the year, standing at the foot of the Velebit mountain and waiting for a chance to fascinate you with its unspoiled nature, the specifics of animal and plant life and clear, cold evening air.

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Delight yourself in the grip of Lika and Velebit!

Proud heart of Croatia

Any time is the right time to visit Lika - authentic landscape of unique resorts, cultural monuments, unspoiled nature and strong traditions and gastronomy. Therefore, do not hesitate much longer, come to embrace the proud Lika and Velebit and feel their warmth and charm which will be long remembered.

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