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Delight yourself in the grip of Lika and Velebit!

Proud heart of Croatia

Any time is the right time to visit Lika - authentic landscape of unique resorts, cultural monuments, unspoiled nature and strong traditions and gastronomy. Therefore, do not hesitate much longer, come to embrace the proud Lika and Velebit and feel their warmth and charm which will be long remembered.

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Fusion of beautiful nature, rich culture and superb cuisine

The mysterious beauty of Dalmatia and its hinterland

The magic of Dalmatia is already well-known in the world. The blue Adriatic Sea - crystal and clean, one of the cleanest in Europe. But what holds a real mystery is the thousands of islands and islets scattered like stars in the night sky which are all quite unique story and each one keeps his secret. Embark on a discovery of this magical place, its natural beauty which is also rich in culture and tradition.

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Breathtaking landscape and gastronomy!

Karst power of Dalmatian hinterland

Rare are places that are still so strongly imbued with tradition as is the case in the Dalmatian hinterland. Karst power of the Dalmatian hinterland will give you a picture of how to understand the life of this area and learn the laws of nature that govern here. This is a region of proud people, turbulent history, rich traditions and unique ethnographic elements.

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