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Etno Art Travel story began, operates and has its headquarters in Međimurje. So, although we like to travel all over the country and around the world, our beloved Međimurje will always have a special place - here we are at home and here we welcome and accommodate you most warmly! can warmly welcome and accommodate. And therefore: Welcome to Međimurje!

Croatian flower garden between the Mura and Drava rivers

It is enough to ajar the doors

Of the the northernmost corner of Croatia which is also most connected Europe, at the foot of the Alps to the Pannonian Plain and you will be welcomed by  kind and hard-working people with a smile on their faces, a song on their lips and the warm scent of traditional dishes soaked in wine out of the ancient cellars from the sunny hills of Međimurje wine roads.

Touch the delight of thousands of experiences

that hide in still swinging cradles of traditional crafts of Međimurje settlements, historical core of the Old Town in outlets Pauline monastery of St. Helen in Šenkovec, Feštetićevog castle in Pribislavec where roam trapped souls of our ancestors, the nobles, counts and knights of Zrinski.

Awake your dreams

with the sun which rises from a love embrace Mura and Drava rivers there at the emboucure, where the scenery is maternally rocking the rarest specimens of wildlife.

Listen to noon bells

from the bell tower of the Gothic church of St. Jerome in Štrigova, baroque churches in Prelog, .... that are calling the people of Međimurje out of the  vineyards, orchards, fertile fields, flowering fragrant meadows, groves and woods captured in the bosom of pregnant plains. Plains from which spawned and carried into the world the glory of their work: Rudolf Steiner (anthroposopher) Joza Horvat (writer), Vinko Žganec (ethnographer), Josip Slavenski (Composer), Francis Punčec (tennis player), Lujo Bezeredi (sculptor) ...

Wash your face

In the turquoise River Mura and observe your reflection in the blue mirror of the Drava.

Crucify white sails

On the vast area of ​​two blue lakes of the Drava river.

Let the boat

to be carried  by wild Mura and Drava water near the gold miners and rafters which have always been struggling with the river.

Drop the hook

At the picturesque corner where only love call of the deer steams the  morning silence.

Breathe in the coolness

While riding a bike and walking through the nature trails of the Mura-forests dotted with meanders and backwaters, which are full of life and is outvoting with the clamor of the pounding watermill. On the eve dive your tired body in the water of pools in Čakovec or Sveti Martin.  

Enjoy the benefits

Of indigenous gastronomical delights of our region that you offer with our heart, in the warmth of the corners of small traditionally decorated restaurant and tasting rooms, which you will find in the curious wanderings of archaeological, historical,  recreational and folk walks through our beloved piece of land.  

Let the breath of untouched beauty of our region soak into every pore of your soul

which will once again wish to return to the unforgettable Međimurje.

We are expecting you!

Etno Art Travel

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