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The best team-building for your team!

Adventurous-gastronomic break!

Take your team to the gathering, bonding and enjoying great time! The two-day program, within an easy reach in Medjimurje is too tasty and fun to miss it!

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Rest your soul and spoil your senses

Experience the magic of Međimurje!

Your body and soul will be able to relax in the most beautiful spa of our country and enjoy the combination of thermal water and beautiful nature. We are sure you will enjoy the benefits of Međimurje indigenous  culinary delights, especially if you are enjoying them in the warmth of the small corners of traditionally decorated restaurant and tasting rooms. You will discover the curious wanderings of archaeological and historical landscapes and folk ways of the Međimurje. So visit the "flower garden between two waters" the beautiful Međimurje!

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Indulge all of your senses - taste Međimurje

Eno - gastronomic tour Međimurje

How to know and love the place? Tasting the food and wine, of course! Taste Međimurje through the gastro - tour, inspirational stories, and tastings and prepare indigenous Međimurje products and dishes. Pamper your senses and taste buds and learn how geography and history shape the gastronomy of our little piece of land!

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Croatian Zagorje - experience life alongside grapes and wine

What will you do now? I'll have a drink!

Beautiful panoramas of vast vineyards and hills, the breath of history in Croatian castles, enjoying the drops of wine produced by local people and their warm hospitality - this is the Croatian Zagorje! Here are each vine is valued and a gentle care is taken of the cultivation of grapes, expressing love, culture and tradition of life in this region.

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Experience the wine festival on the wine road of Međimurje

Urbanovo - 3 day of Wine days in Međimurje!

Urbanovo has, out of local celebration in honor of the wine, grown into an international event which offers a rich entertainment and educational programs along with, of course, a handful of fine wine and local specialties, becomes a must destination for all gourmets, oenologists and those looking for good entertainment that hosts such as Međimurje-people skillfully create. Come and join us!

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