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Forest pathways of Moslavina

  • Min. Pesons = 1
  • Min. Days = 1
  • Duration-Days = 1

Green fields, dense forests and vineyards, a wealth of tradition and life abounds Moslavina settling at the turn of the central Croatian Slavonia. Hospitable farms of the region are becoming more attractive as a destination as well as a wide selection of authentic dishes and stay in a gentle nature that surrounds them guarantees a vacation for the mind and body.

Visit the Ivanic Grad and enjoy a walk in the forest jaundice, known for its growing population of beavers. In the woods Marča find a piece of peace and quiet, and look how beautiful grown deer. Connected with  forest roads, farms “Stara Marca” and Kezele, after enjoying local specialties will provide a recreation in nature and allow you to relax in quiet Moslavina greenery.

During the one-day trip the following activities will be arranged: visit Ivanic Grad and forest Žutica, known for its growing population of beavers; tour of rural households Stara Marca farms of deers; Marca forest walks and a visit to the estate Kezele with tasting dishes.

Accommodation: On request.

Transportation: In our organization, bus or mini-bus; own vehicle (if applicable / available on request).


• Depending on the final offer.


• Professional guides are available in different languages ​​on request

• Additional activities can be included in the tour look under "Our Services"


All data are indicative and not binding.

Please contact us for making an offer tailored to your wishes!

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