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The best team-building for your team!

Adventurous-gastronomic break!

Take your team to the gathering, bonding and enjoying great time! The two-day program, within an easy reach in Medjimurje is too tasty and fun to miss it!

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Harmony of lovely Međimurje

Bike by the Mura - an unforgettable adventure!

Experienced ones  say that the best possible way to meet sweet, green Međimurje is by bicycle. This area is located in the embrace of the Mura and Drava, it is rich in hidden groves, colorful meadows, wine tasting rooms and a lot of other, distinctive content, each of which has its own specialty, but for you is here - at your fingertips.

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Become a passionate scientist for a day!

Research adventure

Do you like history, astronomy or nature? Or all of the above? Or do you fancy to become a science-lover? Our tour program of the Technical Museum, the Planetarium and the Botanical Garden is the perfect choice for you. One day full of countless new and fun activities!

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Delight your senses in the embrace of nature!

Adventure on a carriage through the Repaška forest

Escape on a coach from busy everyday life in areas of preserved nature, rich flora and fauna and fresh air. Find and breathe energy for new victories and enjoy the unique natural environment, as well as the distinctive gastronomic experience.

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Active tourism throughout Croatia

Croatia through fun and challenging game

Getting to know the beauty of a country is not just a passive observation. It is most beautiful when it is intense and when you participate in the discovery of destinations in different ways. Join us through educational activities, games and fun. Treat yourself to an active holiday in which you will get to know the beauties of Croatia in the best way! 

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