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Become a passionate scientist for a day!

Research adventure

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  • Min. Days = 1
  • Duration-Days = 0

Do you like history, astronomy or nature? Or all of the above? Or do you fancy to become a science-lover? Our tour program of the Technical Museum, the Planetarium and the Botanical Garden is the perfect choice for you. One day full of countless new and fun activities!

Tourist packages are available as one-day or several day trips.

The framework program of activities for a one-day package includes:

1. Starting from the appointed place at the appointed time.

2. Technical Museum in Zagreb - Meeting with local guide and tour of the permanent exhibition of the museum - agriculture, firefighting, giants, geology, astronautics

3. Planetarium in Zagreb - simulation of the starry sky with about 5000 stars, special project see the sun, moon, planets, the Milky Way and other phenomena in the starry sky

4. Botanical Garden Faculty of Science in Zagreb - sightseeing with a guide

5. Optional - Educational Workshop (more at the bottom)

Accommodation: Accommodation is available in hotels with three or four stars (on request / as needed)

Transportation: In our organization, by bus or minibus.


  • Shuttle
  • Professional guidance in the Technical Museum and the Botanical Garden
  • Tickets for the Technical Museum
  • Ticket for Planetarium
  • Admission to the Botanical Garden


  • Workshop
  • Professional guides are available in different languages ​​on request
  • Additional activities can be included in the tour look under "Our Services"


All data are indicative and not binding.

Please contact us for making an offer tailored to your wishes!

Contact us at etnoart@etnoart-travel.com!

Workshop: 'Microscopy '

This interactive content workshop is designed to give students, especially those curious, a close-up of the peculiar world of biology, botany, ecology and scientific research. The duration of the workshop, lead by experts from the botanical garden, depends on the chosen subject (60 - 120 minutes). The number of participants who can simultaneously attend a workshop is 15, and the cost per participant is 10 kuna.

Workshop program:

  • Collecting materials worth watching while walking garden - leaves, fruits, samples of water, algae
  • Processing of collected materials
  • Preparation of processed material for microscopy
  • Microscopy using the most modern equipment
  • A discussion of the observed facilities
Packages are available throughout the year.
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