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Welcome to Croatia

In the colourful tradition of Slavonia

Exploring Slavonian tradition, visit to craftsmen and learning the process of creating a licitar heart; visit to a typical village and walk down the ‘šor’ with boys and girls dressed in traditional costumes; enjoying the sound of the tamburica

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Experience idyll in the fields of Eastern Croatia

Golden Slavonia – The granary of Croatia!

Expand your horizons to the east of our country in the beautiful Croatian granary. With the waves of the golden wheat fields and the mighty rivers that are watering them and the dense forests that surround them, feel the culture and tradition of Slavonia. And finally, do not miss to round your experience by tasting the widely known Slavonian specialties and delicacies.

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Live the the magic of Slavnoski Brod

Journey into the world of fairy tales

Among the green canopy, on the banks of the Sava River is located in Slavonski Brod, city with the fairytale fortress from the 18th century in which trough the the historical - spectacle Living history you  can feel the spirit bygone times and find out how people used to live here. Discover artistic treasures of the magical town in the museum Tambura  and gallery Ruzic that will take you to the world of art!

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