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Have an unforgettable experience in Podravina

Renaissance idyll of Koprivnica

  • Min. Pesons = 2
  • Min. Days = 1
  • Duration-Days = 5

The rich Renaissance can enrich you too! Koprivnica took care of this and offers a unique experience through one of its most famous events. Come, have fun and thrill in impressive Podravina.

Tourist packages range from one to five days, and the framework program of activities for a five-day package includes:

Day 1: Zagreb - Koprivnica

2nd-4th day: Koprivnica

Day 5: Zagreb

The Renaissance was one of the most prolific periods in history when science and art had their bloom, but the man himself had it. In addition, Renaissance has left a rich heritage whose unique charms can be enjoyed in Koprivnica. Counter-forts that roamed by ladies, serfs, lords and kings, and whose background echos the clatter of swords of courageous knights and musketeers while wind carries the intoxicating scents of an ox on the spit, are impressive, and only some of the reasons why you will remain ecstatic with this visit to Podravina!

During the days the following activities will be arranged: Visit the Renaissance Festival in Koprivnica, enjoy the biggest spectacle 'living picture' in this part of Europe, exploring medieval customs, crafts, fashion and gastronomy.

Accommodation: Accommodation is available in hotels with three or four stars.

Transportation: In our organization, bus or minibus; your own vehicle.


  • Professional guides in English and German.


  •  Professional guides are available in other languages ​​on request (a link to a contact form)
  • Additional activities can be included in the tour look under "Our Services"


All data are indicative and not binding.

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Packages are available throughout the year.
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