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Adventure quest for gold!

Golden drops of Drava and Mura

  • Min. Pesons = 4
  • Min. Days = 1
  • Duration-Days = 1

Awaken the adventurer in you and like movie heroes of American westerns go in search of the gold of the river Mura and familiarize yourself with the rinsing of gold and gaining gold particles using boards, shovels and sieves!

During the trip awaken the adventurer in yourself - get to know the rinsing gold and gaining gold particles using boards, shovels and sieves. Attend the presentation of the traditional ways of getting flour milling grain in an old mill on the Mura, find out how the ferry ride was important in the transport and then-life and allow you to this wonderful adventure absorbed in the spirit of those old, the golden time. Water is the source of life and contains many resources, but did you know that some rivers in Croatia, such as the Mura and Drava, are hiding precious gold? In the past, many people in order to survive were engaged in washing gold and now you have the chance to try your hand in the same discipline.

Throughout the day you will… Flush gold on the river Mura and presentation of getting gold particles using boards, shovels and sieves; presentation of the old way of grinding grain at the mill on the Mura; Dating to ride the ferry, once important in transport. The activity program for a one-day package includes activities in the area of ​​Varaždin and Međimurje County.

Accommodation: On request / as needed.

Transportation: In our organization, bus or minibus; own vehicle (if applicable / available on request).


  • Depending on the final arrangement


  • Professional guides are available in different languages ​​on request
  • Additional activities can be included in the tour look under "Our Services"


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Tourist packages are available from 01.03. to 01.11.
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