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Welcome to Croatia


Why not discover the most beautiful cultural and natural sights of continental Croatia? During these five fantastic excursions you will explore Zagreb, the Croatian countryside and breathtaking natural sights on foot and from a bird’s eye perspective.

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Botanical Gardens and Arboretums of Croatia

The magical Flora Collection

Arboretums and gardens are an oasis of vibrant colors, scents and valuable vegetation exhibits - which due to its uniqueness, as well as its medicinal properties and stunning looks. Available throughout year, this collection of abundance is the perfect choice for relaxation, enjoyment or an escape from the smog-choked cities.

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Let the natural world that fascinate you

Fairy tale of the botanical garden Suban

The picturesque area of ​​the first botanical garden in Croatia will be happy to accommodate visitors at all times, take them to your walks, or leave them breathless by its intoxicating scents. Indigenous, but also, for these regions, atypical wildlife and many activities for more meaningful stay, will give you a unique experience.

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