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  • Min. Pesons = 2
  • Min. Days = 1
  • Duration-Days = 7

Discover Continental Croatia by traveling the wine roads of the Croatian Zagorje, Varazdin vineyards, Međimurje, Podravina and Zelina vineyards. Admire the green vineyard hills between which are situated small towns, the homes of people who have always known how to appreciate fine wine.

Day 1 Zagreb

Day 2 Croatian Zagorje and Varazdin vineyards

Day 3 Međimurje

Day 4 Medjimurje - Podravina

Day 5 Podravina

Day 6 Zelina vineyards

Day 7 Zagreb

During seven days you will know the story of North Croatian wine and all that is connected with Zagreb, major cultural and economic center, and which in their busy rhythm always finds time for a glass of wine that will round off your stay among the fans of appreciated drinks. Try indigenous wine varieties of this region and enjoy high-quality varieties and gastronomic specialties that are the pride of every host granted by your visit. Preserved nature, clean air, forests, mineral water, Podravska Sahara and the cultural and historical riches will not leave you indifferent. Your arrival in this area also means your will soon return. We are expecting you!

In the days the following activities will be arranged: tasting of indigenous wines such as Sylvaner, Zelina kingdom, Prigorje kingdom, Kleščec, as well as Riesling, Graševina and Traminer; tasting original dishes; exploring the heritage of continental Croatian.

Accommodation: Accommodation is provided in three or four stars.

Transportation: In our organization, bus or minibus; your own vehicle.


  • Depending on the final offer.


  • Professional guides are available in different languages ​​on request
  • Additional activities can be included in the tour look under "Our Services"


All data are indicative and not binding.

Please contact us for making an offer tailored to your wishes!

Contact us at etnoart@etnoart-travel.com!

The package is available from 20:03. to 11.10.
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