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  • Duration-Days = 9

"The land of a thousand islands" Croatia, our country, is rich in natural beauty out of which stands out the Adriatic sea with beautiful Adriatic islands. Like small pearls scattered around the blue and moms with their beauty, originality and personality intact nature, each special in itself. Through the rich cultural heritage of the island you will see a small island culture, and primarily their tradition.

Day 1: Zagreb
Day 2: Opatija
3rd to 6th day: Kvarner islands
7th - 10th day: Zadar and islands
11th to 13th day: Rab - Krk
14th day: Opatija - Zagreb

During the 14 days you will know life is not the Croatian islands. Islanders life is closely tied to the sea, agriculture and livestock, particularly sheep farming, which, along with other recent activities, held on the islands ever since. The wealth of vines, olives, figs, herbs, fruits and vegetables has a great importance for the survival of people in some of the islands. Enjoy away from urban areas and in a special culinary experience in the spring, summer or fall. Treat your palate with excellent wines, soak up the smells of this region and get to know how people live on the islands of the Adriatic.

In the14 days the following activities will be included: exploring some of the most beautiful Croatian islands, "the land of a thousand islands"; enjoying the sun and the winds of the Adriatic, intertwined with the cultural heritage, natural beauty and gastronomic delights; cruise the beautiful Adriatic.

Accommodation: Accommodation is available in the ship cabins A / B category and hotel.
Transportation: transportation to the port of loading / unloading is possible with your own vehicle or provided by us, by bus.

• Depending on the final offer.

• Professional guides are available in different languages on request
• Additional activities can be included in the tour look under "Our Services"

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