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In 1936, a boy named Stipura, a do-gooder by nature, tended his sheep. While he was chatting with his shepherd friends, he did not notice that his sheep vanished. However, as this was the first time such a thing had happened, he hoped he would find them by climbing the mount Debeljak from top of which the whole valley seemed like a stone’s throw away. While he was climbing, he would turn around every now and then to check if his sheep were behind him. When he came close to a cave at the very top of the hill, he thought he saw something strange in there. A white light was dazzling from inside and Stipur entered to take a closer look. What he saw was stunning. A young woman all dressed in white was sitting on a stone holding a child in her arms. Such a beauty, Stipura thought, had never been seen before. Yet, he was frightened. He fled and returned after a few minutes with his friend. Of course, no one was there anymore.
In cooperation with:
– Šibenik Tourist Board
– ŠUM Association
– Vanja Dadić, a tourist guide and Joso Gracin
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What else can you do with us?
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