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  • Min. Pesons = 1
  • Min. Days = 1
  • Duration-Days = 5

Getting to know the beauty of a country is not just a passive observation. It is most beautiful when it is intense and when you participate in the discovery of destinations in different ways. Join us through educational activities, games and fun. Treat yourself to an active holiday in which you will get to know the beauties of Croatia in the best way!

Day 1: Zagreb - Gorski Kotar - Krk
2nd-4th day: Krk
Day 5: Opatija - Rijeka - Gorski Kotar - Zagreb

During the 5 days let us take you to discover the kind of Croatia you still have not met. Feel the life of the destinations, talk to people of specific interest and learn the laws of nature that govern here, let the wind in the back of your creativity, develop friendships and expand your horizons. To make your experience complete and more original, our top entertainers and travel companions will complete your stay and make sure that you feel good. Accept our invitation, come to have fun, play, socialize, and, of course, learn something along the way!

In the 5 days the following activities will be included: exploring Croatia in a different way through educational activities and animation; exploring the culture and heritage destinations; encourage creativity, enrichment of human relationships and the development of the spirit of sport.

Accommodation: Accommodation is available in hotels with two, three or four stars
Transportation: In our organization, bus or minibus; own vehicle (if applicable / available on request).

• Depending on the final offer.

• Professional guides are available in different languages on request
• Additional activities can be included in the tour look under "Our Services"

All data are indicative and not binding.
Please contact us for making an offer tailored to your wishes!

Contact us at etnoart@etnoart-travel.com!

Packages are available throughout the year.
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